PEKIN restaurant was opened in 1993.

Our main goal is to acquaint our customers with Chinese culture. Our guests no longer have to travel to China to experience its atmosphere or taste the dishes of true Chinese cuisine.

Many years of experience in running a restaurant, the work of highly qualified chefs, allowed us to prepare a rich menu of the most famous dishes representing various types of Chinese cuisine:


  • Beijing cuisine: Beijing roast duck, pork threads with Beijing sauce, dumplings, etc.
  • Sichuan cuisine: Dry-fried pork, family fish feast, pork with garlic sauce, crispy duck, Mapo Tofu, etc.
  • Manchurian cuisine: pork loin (veal, beef, poultry) with orange sauce, red-stewed carp with soy sauce, eggplant with garlic, etc.
  • Huaiyang cuisine: duck on a hot plate, green cabbage with Mushrooms Mu, Shanghai shrimp, Shanghai Tofu with vegetables, etc.
  • Cantonese cuisine: steamed halibut, Cantonese carp, sweet & sour pork or veal, etc.

The interior of our restaurant is furnished with great care using materials imported from China: traditional Chinese bricks, wall lamps, ceramic roofs, stylish furniture and porcelain. The architecture is combined with traditional Chinese music, which allows our guests to experience the traditional feel of antique Chinese houses.
We accommodate the needs of our guests, including dishes on request served during time-based events, such as business parties, banquets, birthdays, wedding receptions, etc.

Welcome and enjoy your meal!